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Welcome to PBP Flooring Solutions

PBP Flooring Solutions is a specialist installer of MMA (methyl methacrylate) resin technology flooring in a wide range of industrial and commercial contexts.

MMA has evolved to become a world market leading technology in the field of resin flooring, offering these key advantages over alternative flooring solutions:

  • Remarkably short curing time - typical curing time of one hour means faster turnaround for your project.
  • Can be applied at very low temperatures - even inside a functioning freezer if required.
  • Minimal surface preparation required - meaning shorter lead times.
  • Extreme flexibility and durability - vastly increased life expectancy.
  • High resistance to chemical attack.
  • High sanitation properties - ideal for pharmaceutical and food & drink applications.

PBP Flooring Solutions sources its MMA flooring products from Evonik Industries AG, the world leading manufacturer.

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