fast cure resin flooring solutions

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Other Services

Inspection Services

At PBP Services we provide a quality inspection service carried out by a qualified Institute of Corrosion paint inspector and fireproofing inspector.

Painting & Decorating

We can provide quality painting and decorating for large commercial developments as well as smaller private contracts. We have the capabilities and resources to undertake contracts throughout the UK.

Insulation Foam Injection

Polyurethane spray-on insulation foam can be applied externally or internally. It can be applied to roof spaces or buildings ultimately extending the life-span of roofing materials or cladding. This system is versatile and can be applied at unlimited thickness, giving a Class 1 fire protection rating and excellent insulation properties unrivalled by any other materials on the market.

UHP Water Cleaning

UHP water blasting is often the preferred choice where dry blast cleaning is not practical. The main advantage is that the process is a lot cleaner without the clearing and disposal of grits that are required for dry blast cleaning. Ultra high pressure water blasting with a pressure of up to 30,000 p.s.i., can also clean surfaces back to the bare elements.