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MMA Resin Product Range

farosesboatPBP Flooring Solutions uses the comprehensive MMA resin product range manufactured by Evonik.  This portfolio has been designed to provide a solution for virtually any commercial or industrial environment:

  • Freeflow: ideal for area demarcation uses in commercial and manufacturing contexts, in particular the healthcare, pharmaceutical or engineering sectors.

Where a high standard of aesthetic appearance is important, we offer the following solutions:

  • Flake System: highly decorative and can be matched to existing floor finishes.
  • Stone Carpet: incorporates coloured aggregates or marble chips to create a stunning surface for indoors or out.

Where heavy duty slip resistance is key, such as in industrial contexts, we offer:

  • Full Broadcast: incorporating quartz aggregates and ideal for areas frequently exposed to liquids or other slip risks.  Extremely resistant to chemical attack, and ideal for heavy duty areas.
  • Quartz Trowelled: these floors deliver all the benefits of the full broadcast system with the added flexibilty of trowel applicatiom meaning they are ideal for use on ramps or when creating a fall.

We are confident that whatever the challenge PBP Flooring Solutions will have a solution that is right for your organisation or business.