fast cure resin flooring solutions

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sectorsMMA resin flooring is ideal for a huge range of sectors, and adaptable across the full spectrum of functionality and aesthetics.  All our products have health and safety at their heart, but each product within the range also offers specific qualities tailored to certain sectors:

  • Food and Drink. Key qualities: hygienic, slip resistant, durable.
  • Retail. Key qualities: high aesthetic possibilities, fast turnaround and minimum downtime.
  • Oil & Gas, Engineering & Manufacturing. Key qualities: anti-slip, durability, chemical resistance, fast turnaround, demarcation.
  • Marine. Key qualities: anti-slip, impermeable, chemical resistance.
  • Education and Public Sector. Key qualities: aesthetically pleasing, high footfall, meets all health & safety requirements.
  • Leisure. Key qualities: aesthetic possibilities, easily cleaned and hygienic, high footfall.
  • MOD. Key qualities: durability, anti-slip, ease of demarcation.
  • Healthcare. Key qualities: hygiene and ease of cleaning, durability, health & safety.

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