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Why Choose MMA Resin Flooring?

whymmaMMA resin acrylic flooring has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of all previous seamless flooring systems, with the chemical structure of MMA resin allowing for a variety of performance properties to be incorporated. 

Our MMA resin supplier is Evonik Industries AG, the world's leading manufacturer, ensuring us of the highest quality and consistency of supply.

Methyl methacrylates Resins (MMAs), offer a time proven, durable, chemical resistant, and UV stable monolithic resin flooring system.

Customers benefit from minimal down time, with the finished resin floor able to be put back into full service within 1 hour of completion. Because of this rapid cure time, a complete resin floor can be installed in as little as 1 day as opposed to the 5 to 7 days normally required for a traditional epoxy floor.

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